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Introducing - The Design Subscription

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What is The Design Subscription?


Everything - in one subscription.

Website Design

Mobile App UI

Social Media Creatives

Design Systems

Digital ads

Email Graphics

Slide Decks


Trade Show Banners

Brand Guides


Blog Graphics

Business Cards

Pitch Decks





+ More on Request


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Nearly all of our clients come from referrals, speaks loudly about the quality of our work :)

"The House of Aster delivered an exceptional branding experience. Their logo and brand identity have become the solid foundation for my business. I'm grateful for their trustworthy and outstanding work."


"Embarking on my venture felt daunting until I met the team at The House of Aster. Their exceptional ability to transform my vision into a compelling brand identity was unparalleled."

Isabella Meadows

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      Frequently Asked questions

Why shouldn't I just hire a full time designer?

The annual cost of a full-time senior designer is $100,000 + Benefits (Considering you find one.) Apart from this, it's not necessary that you always have work to keep them busy, hence, paying them for idle-time.

You can pause or cancel The Design Subscription - anytime - paying for the design needs only when you need them.

Who makes these designs?

The House of Aster's team of designers work on your design requests! However, we might work with some of our friends in the industry for extra requests when required.

Which program do you guys use to design?

Our team uses the Adobe Creative Suite and Figma in conjunction to come with the beautiful and elegant designs that our clients love!

How I place the request for a design?

The House of Aster uses ManyRequests as our request management platform.

You can use Google Docs, or type it out or just create a short Loom video to describe the request. Just make sure to add a link to the request details on the platform and it'll work out.

How do revisions work? How many can I ask for?

If you don't like a design that we create, we'll work on it until you're 100% satisfied. tldr; Unlimited Revisions.

How does the pause feature work?

We recognize that there might be times when you don't have sufficient design tasks to occupy an entire month. It's possible that you currently have just a few design requests. This is where the option to pause your subscription becomes beneficial. Our billing cycles span a 31-day period.

For instance, if you subscribe and utilize the service for 15 days before choosing to pause your subscription, the billing cycle will also be put on hold. Consequently, you will retain 16 days of unused service, which you can avail of at any point in the future.

What if I only have a single request?

You have the flexibility to pause your subscription once your current design needs are met and resume it when you have more design tasks. This way, you don't have to worry about wasting any remaining time on your subscription.

Are there any refunds if I don't like the service?

Since the work produced is high efforts and quality, we don't provide refunds.

Is it really unlimited?

Indeed, our service offers unlimited requests and revisions, meaning there are no restrictions on the quantity of requests or modifications you can make. However, it's important to keep in mind that as we are human, completing each request takes time.

Submitting multiple requests, say 10 in a day, won't guarantee immediate completion of all. Nevertheless, we assure you that all your requests will be addressed promptly and efficiently, without any variation in cost!

What does unlimited design requests mean?

Unlimited design requests imply that there's no hourly or per-project payment. You can initiate as many design projects as necessary, and we will tackle them according to the order you've established. After completing a project, we'll promptly begin the next one in your queue.

Is there a limit to the number of requests I can have?

No - You can add as many design requests to the pipeline as you wish. These requests will be delivered one by one (or more depending on your subscription!)

How quickly will I receive my designs?

Usually, requests are completed within two days or less. However, larger and more complex requests can take longer. We'll let you know if a request is going to take longer than usual.

Is there any design work you don't do?

Yes. The Design Subscription does not include services for specific types of design work such as 3D modeling, animated graphics (including GIFs), design of documents like medical forms, intricate packaging designs, and comprehensive print design projects like magazines, books, and similar materials. However, we do these designs on a separate contract basis.

You can schedule a separate call with us and we can work it out.

Do you guys do video work too?

Video editing isn't our primary expertise, but we're more than willing to assist with smaller projects. Our team consists of world-class, professionally trained graphic designers, rather than video editors.

However, for simpler tasks such as splicing small clips or adding titles, we're happy to give it our best effort. We do work on longer form videos, feel free to schedule a call to talk more about it!

Do you share the source files?

Certainly, we can supply source files if you require them. By default, we don't provide source files, so you'll need to specifically request them from your designer upon the completion of a project if you wish to have these working files.